Kremling Kosh
Kremling Kosh.png
Kremling Kosh in action.
Player(s) Tiny Kong
Chunky Kong
Lanky Kong
Any Kong
Location DK Isles
Snide's H.Q.
Gloomy Galleon
Crystal Caves
Creepy Castle
Time to Complete 60 seconds
Game Donkey Kong 64

Kremling Kosh is a Bonus Stage played by the Kongs in the game Donkey Kong 64.


Kremling Kosh is a minigame that involves shooting a bunch of Kritters in a bunch of barrels. The player, armed with a watermelon shooter, must shoot a certain amount of Kritters within 60 seconds. This minigame is mostly played by Chunky Kong at two times but Tiny Kong and Lanky Kong can also play this minigame for Golden Bananas. Once all of the Blueprints have been found, Snide will allow the Kongs to play this minigame anytime at his HQ.