Koshas are club-wielding Kremlings that appear in Donkey Kong 64. They are regarded as one of the strongest enemies in the game even stronger than Kasplats. Kosha's are uncommon enemies in the game appearing in later levels of the game.


Koshas mainly attack by either swinging their club or doing an overhead swing. Either of these attacks can deal two melon slices making them dangerous. Koshas can be defeated by throwing oranges at them but only if their club is stuck in the ground. Otherwise, the Kosha will just deflect the orange back. Using the Blast attack or a musical instrument is also an effective way to take out a Kosha.


  • A single Kosha is first encountered in Gloomy Galleon.
  • In the level Fungi Forest, Koshas replace the Klumps at night.
  • A giant-sized Kosha can be encountered at Crystal Caves where it constantly makes stalagmites fall on the Kongs. Only Tiny Kong can get up there to defeat it.
  • Koshas are more common at Creepy Castle.
  • Koshas are the only regular enemies in the game to cause two melon slices of damage. Due to them being so durable and their attack power, Koshas are the strongest regular enemies in the game.