Koover is a minor character that appears in Paper Mario.


Koover is an ordinary Koopa Troopa that lives in Koopa Village. He is the Koopa that first greets Mario and Goombario when they first enter Koopa Village and warns them about the Fuzzies taking the other Koopa's shells (which Koover shortly has his shell taken by a Fuzzy). After the Fuzzies have been dealt with, Koover will spend the rest of his time standing in front of the Toad House. Koover is also involved in a chain letter quest where he asks Mario and Parakarry to deliver a letter to Mr. E. Also, Koover sends a letter to Kooper indicating they are friends.


"A Koopa Troopa from scenic Koopa Village. He's like the welcome wagon. He seems to be a pretty jolly Koopa Troopa. Just look at his face!"