― Koops

Koops is a young Koopa Troopa appearing in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door as Mario's second party member.



Koops hails from Petalburg, a small village east of Rogueport. Ten years before the start of the game, his father, Koopley had been eaten by the dragon, Hooktail.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, he first appears as a rather shy and timid fellow, however he joins Mario on his quest to Hooktail Castle in order to impress his girlfriend, Koopie Koo. After defeating Hooktail, the dragon spits out Koops' long lost father and both have a fond reunion. Koops then accompanies Mario and Goombella for the rest of their adventure.

After the events of the game, he starts making plans for his future, deciding to marry Koopie Koo and run for Mayor of Petalburg.

Super Paper Mario

Although Koops does not physically appear in Super Paper Mario, he does make a cameo in the form of a Catch Card.


As a partner, Koops can quickly retreat into his shell and then get kicked by Mario. During this phase, Koops will recover any items he touches and bring them back to Mario, making his ability much like the Boomerang from the Legend of Zelda series.


  • Koops' hobbies is breakdancing, as suggested by his Stylish Moves, which includes spinning on his back or spinning upside down on his head. It is unknown that he learns how to breakdance prior to joining Mario on his quest.
  • The name Koops is a combination of "Koopa" and "oops" an exclamation of clumsiness (Koops being clumsy).
  • Due to a design flaw, Koops is depicted alternatively with either three or four fingers.
  • Koops is (along with Parakarry, Corporal Paraplonk, and Holly Koopa) one of the only Koopas with a different color shell than its shoes.
  • Koops appears to have a small crush on Ms. Mowz, but it does not interfere with his relationship with Koopie Koo.
  • Koops is the second character in the Paper Mario series (with Lakilester being the first) to join Mario's party, so he could be tougher for his girlfriend.
  • Kooper and Koops both have band-aids; however, Kooper's is on his cheek, and Koops has his on his nose.
  • Being able to hit switches and pick up far-off items, Koops' use out of battle is similar to Thoreau's.
  • Koops is the only party member in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door to have a defense point without equipping a badge or using Power Lift or an item. He is also the only partner in the series to have a defense point.
  • In the Italian version of the game, said the pale yellow of his skin is because he is sick of something (that is unknown).