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Kooper is a major character that appears in Paper Mario. He is a Koopa Troopa with the ability to launch himself in order to reach far away objects and items. He becomes the second partner in Mario's party during the adventure.


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A friendly Koopa Troopa found in Koopa Village, this character is missing his shell as a Fuzzy has taken it. Once Mario retrieves Kooper's shell from the Fuzzy, Kooper will join the party as Mario's second partner.

Kooper has four different shell-based attacks. He can retract into his shell and hit the first enemy. Much like the first attack, the second attack also allows him to retract into his shell and attack, although this attack will harm all ground enemies. While the first two attacks are default, the last two require the use of a Super Block to be used. After using a Super Block once, Kooper is able to use his shell to create a tornado to attack the enemies with it. If Mario uses the Ultra Stone and another Super Block on Kooper, he will have the ability to transform into a fire shell to do an attack to the ground enemies.

He is a big fan of the archaeologist, Kolorado, and leads his expedition crew to Shiver City during the ending of the game.


Power and abilities

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Image Name Rank Effects FP Used
ShellToss.png Shell Toss Normal Rank Attacks an single ground enemy for damage. 0
PowerShell.jpg Power Shell Normal Rank Attacks all ground based enemies. 3
DizzyShell.png Dizzy Shell Super Rank Attacks all ground based enemies; may inflict Dizzy. 4
FireShell.png Fire Shell Ultra Rank Attacks all ground based enemies; may inflict Burn. 5


  • The X Bandages that his picture shows can be found by hacking into the game.
  • His name is a pun of Cooper.