Koopeleons are a type of Koopa that live in the Toadwood Forest in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.


They resemble a hybrid between a Koopa and a chameleon. They have a blue shell, green skin, large eyes, and a curled tail.


Koopeleons have the ability to turn invisible in battle. During its attack, a Koopeleon will try to run into its foe to deliver damage, which can be counterattacked with a jump. When a Koopeleon attacks, it will also turn invisible. If damaged, a Koopeleon will become visible again.

Koopeleons take increased damage from fire attacks, such as the Fire Flower.

A stronger variant of the Koopeleon, called the Gold Koopeleon, appears later in the game in the Thwomp Caverns.


  • HP - 18
  • POW - 18 (22)
  • DEF - 20
  • SPEED - 17
  • EXP - 6 (7)
  • Coins - 4


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