Koopasta is an item and recipe that appears in the Paper Mario series.


Paper Mario

Koopasta can only be created by having Tayce T. cook together a Dried Pasta and a Koopa Leaf. A Koopa Leaf can be found in some bushes or trees at Koopa Village and the Dried Pasta can only be purchased at the Item Shop at Dry Dry Outpost. The Koopasta heals 7 HP and 7 FP which is considered useful early on but practically useless later in the game. Koopasta must also be made as one of Koopa Koot's favors.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In this game, a Koopasta can be cooked by Zess T. by giving her a Turtley Leaf and either a Fresh Pasta or Spaghetti. It restores the same amount of HP as from the previous game.

Super Paper Mario

In Super Paper Mario, Koopasta return under the name Koopasta Dish. In this game, Koopasta Dish now halves the damage taken instead of restoring health.


First Ingredient + Second Ingredient
Paper Mario
Dried Pasta + Koopa Leaf
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Turtley Leaf + Fresh Pasta
Turtley Leaf + Spaghetti