"Hey, Mario! It is true that you beat the the Big Bob-omb? Cool! You must be strong. And pretty fast. So, how fast are you, anyway? Fast enough to beat me... Koopa the quick? I don't think so. just try me. How about a race to the mountaintop, where the big bomb-omb was? Waddya say? When I say GO let the race begin!"
― Koopa the Quick

Koopa the Quick is a large Koopa that Mario races against in Super Mario 64. He will race you on the second mission at Bomb-omb Battlefield and at the Huge section of Tiny-Huge Island. The latter place, he claims to be his home course (which may attribute as to why he is larger than an average Koopa). He will give Mario a Power Star if he wins. Later in the game, Mario will race him a rematch, where he is much faster.

He also appears in Super Mario 64 DS, where he will again only race Mario. Not much has changed for him, except for his graphics. His race route is exactly the same, and he still has a rematch.


It is unknown if Koopa the Quick is affiliated with the Koopa Troop or not, but it is assumed he is because he is a Koopa and he had a power star, however, unlike other Koopas, he does not harm Mario.


Koopa the Quick's Original appearance

There is a glitch in the before-mentioned mission that allows the player to win against Koopa the Quick in 0 seconds. To do it, the player must get the Wing Cap and triple jump right in front of Koopa the Quick, but not too close. Then Mario has to fly to the top of the mountain. Koopa the Quick will talk to Mario once he lands, though he is far away. Then the timer begins and ends at zero seconds.