"I just can't walk around without my shell on. Talk about embarrassing!"
― A Koopa Troopa at the entrance of Koopa Village

Koopa Village is a location in Paper Mario.


After getting past the Koopa Bros. disguised as Toads, Mario is able to walk through Pleasant Path to reach the Koopa Bros. Fortress. However, before approaching the fortress, Mario must visit Koopa Village and help them from the turmoil that the Fuzzies have caused.

In the eastern part of Koopa Village, Mario will find a house that is very active. Inside he will find Kooper. Kooper's shell has been taken by a Fuzzy and he desires to get it back. The Fuzzy runs out of Kooper's house and Mario must chase after it.

In order to get Kooper's shell back, Mario must partake in a guessing game with the Fuzzies. Mario must guess what tree the Fuzzy has relocated in. After guessing correctly four times, the Fuzzy declares they surrender. However, when you try to leave this location, the Fuzzies take back their surrender and challenge Mario to a fight.

After beating the Fuzzies, Kooper requests to join Mario on his adventure.


Koopa Village Theme

116-koopa village theme mp3 MP3 - Paper Mario Orig

Fuzzys Stole My Shell

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