Koopa Troopa Beach is the third track in Mushroom Cup for Mario Kart 64. It is Koopa's signature track. It is probably most likely named after Koopa Troopa because of the rock shaped like a Koopa Troopa seen at the beginning of the track. This course is beach/tropical-themed. There is a shortcut in the course that mostly causes players to speed up to the leaders, or, if in first place, can give them a bigger lead. It can be taken by going off of a Dash Panel in and turning at the right moment to get into a hole in the rock wall (which is the shortcut). Players then come out on the other side with a waterfall above them. Crabs walk around this area and will spin players out if he/she touches one.

The stage appears as one of the arenas in Mario Sports Mix with its unique setting being that after a certain period of time, when a game has started (namely after serving), a wave arrives at the beach revealing several Green Shells and coins for both sides.

Koopa Troopa Beach reappeared as a race track in Mario Kart 7. It is the first course in Banana Cup. When the player does a Time Trial, the Nintendo Ghost will be Koopa Troopa. The easier ghost is the one on the Pipe Frame. The harder ghost, however, is on the Soda Jet.

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