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"Your Crabbiness! Are you leaving us?"
― A Koopa Striker to Bowser, Super Paper Mario

A Koopa Striker (コウラシューター Shell Shooter?) is a Koopa Troopa enemy in Super Paper Mario. Koopa Strikers specialize in shooting shells, reminiscent of soccer. Koopa Strikers are part of the Koopa Troop. Koopa Strikers are also related to Toopa Strikers and Soopa Strikers.


Koopa Strikers are Koopa Troopas. They have red eyebrows like Bowser and a soccer-patterned shell. They wear a blue soccer T-Shirt, trainers, and hook-bills.

Super Paper Mario

Koopa Strikers favor kicking balls at the player.[1]

Additionally, a Koopa Striker appears in a minigame called Hammer Whacker. The Koopa Striker will kick the shell towards the player. The player must whack the shell with their hammer; the shell knocks the Koopa Striker.

Catch Card

The player can defeat the Koopa Striker by summoning the Catch Card/SP. The player can buy the Catch Card in the Card shop.


Super Paper Mario

Koopa Striker
SPM Koopa Striker.png HP 8 ATK 2
Item drop
The Bitlands (Chapter 3-1)
Flipside Pit of 100 Trials (Room 43)
It's a Koopa Striker. It takes good shell control to make the Koopa Striker team... Max HP is 8. Attack is 2. Defense is 1. It can kick shells all day... It's very proud of its strong and accurate kicks...and its shiny shell! "An eye for an eye, a shell for a shell!" Try to trap its shell and send it back...

Catch Card
Koopa Striker Card.png
Name Koopa Striker
Number 038
Sell Price 2
Card Shop; Catch Card/SP
"Max HP: 8, Attack: 2, Defense: 1. This Koopa Striker kicks for the love of the game. Its luxurious eyebrows are... Wait a sec... GOOOAAAALLLL!"


The Koopa Striker's Japanese name is Kōrashūtā. Kōrashūtā translates into Shell Shooter. A shell is a protective outer case. Additionally, Koopa Troopas have shells. A shooter refers to a team member of a game whose role is to attempt to score goals. Therefore, Koopa Strikers uses Koopa Troopas' shells to attempt and target the victim.


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