"No entry allowed, Mario!
Yours truly, The Koopa Bros.
― Sign outside of the Fortress

The Koopa Bros. Fortress is a location in Paper Mario.


Owned by the Koopa Bros., this Fortress has one of the Star Spirits, Eldstar, located within Koopa Village. Here is where the Star Spirit Eldstar was being guarded by the Koopa Bros.

This Fortress was originally owned by the Bob-ombs until, under Bowser's command, the Koopa Bros. seized it.

After Mario defeats the Koopa Bros., they are trapped in their own jail cell with their replica of Bowser. Having been freed, or having had escaped, the Koopa Bros. send Mario a letter saying they plan for revenge.

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Image Name Notes
Bombette Icon Bombette Joins Mario's party.
Bruce Bruce Moves into Kooper's house after Chapter 1.
Eldstar (Paper Mario) Eldstar Freed after the defeat of the Koopa Bros.


Image Name Notes
KoopaPM Koopa Troopa None.
Paratroopa Paratroopa None.
Bobomb Bob-omb None.
Bill Blaster Sprite - Paper Mario Bill Blaster None.
Bulletbill Bullet Bill Fired from Bill Blasters.


Image Name Notes
Koopa Bros. Bowser Bowser??? Replica of Bowser.
KoopaBros Koopa Bros. Primary boss of Chapter 1.


Image Name Notes
Maple Syrup Maple Syrup Found near the final area behind a boulder. Requires Bombette to get to.
Fortress Key (Paper Mario) Fortress Key Found commonly in the Fortress.
Power Bounce (Paper Mario) Power Bounce badge Found behind a cell. Requires Bombette to get to.
Fpplus FP Plus badge Found outside the Fortress in the upper area. Requires Bombette to get to.
Refund (Paper Mario) Refund badge Found in the most eastern part of the Fortress. Requires Bombette to get to.
Smash Charge Smash Charge badge Found near the stairway being guarded by a Bob-omb.


Koopa Bros. Fortress Theme

117-koopa bros fortress mp3 MP3 - Paper Mario Orig

Bill Blaster! Go Faster!

118-bill blaster go faster mp3 MP3 - Paper Mario O


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