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The Koopa Bros. are a team of bosses that appear in Paper Mario. They are Koopas that wear ninja garb and hold onto one of the Star Spirits, Eldstar, for Bowser.

It is said that the Koopa Bros. once lived in Koopa Village, a town of reformed Koopas. They later moved to a castle the Bob-ombs lived in and enslaved them. Eventually, Mario, with the help of Goombario, Kooper, and Bombette, saved the Bob-ombs and defeated the Koopa Bros. After their defeat, they send a letter to Mario, vowing their revenge. Before the final battle with Jr. Troopa in Chapter 8, the Koopa Bros. appear and tell Mario that they were nothing than before.


Red Ninjakoopa


The leader of the Koopa Bros. Red Ninjakoopa orders the others around to set down traps and slow down Mario's progress. He is also the most hyperactive of the Koopa Bros. and is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Black Ninjakoopa

The, most likely, second-in-command of the Koopa Bros. Black Ninjakoopa is mainly seen operating the mechanics of the group such as setting up the Bill Blasters to slow down Mario.

Yellow Ninjakoopa

The next in line of the Koopa Bros. Yellow Ninjakoopa spealizes in traps as he set up a fake question block which caused Mario to fall into the cell.

Green Ninjakoopa

The fourth member of the Koopa Bros. Green Ninjakoopa is most likely the youngest of the group and is usually seen following the other's orders.

Weapons and Attacks

The Koopa Bros. possess a small mechanical Bowser, titled "Bowser???" when attacking, in an attempt to fool Mario into believing the mechanical Bowser is the real one. Their main attack, after the makeshift Bowser is destroyed, is to stack themselves on top of each other in a tower formation, and spin themselves at Mario.


  • The Koopa Bros. are a reference to the comic book series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as both consist of four turtles, dressed in ninja attire, each distinguished by their respective color of clothing.
  • The Koopa Bros. can be easily taken down in only two turns not counting the "Bowser???" fight. After knocking them off their shells and onto their backs, Mario should use a Fire Flower to burn all of them for 3 points of damage and use Kooper's Power Shell to attack all of them for 2 points of damage each thus quickly defeating all of them.
  • Red Ninjakoopa being the leader and oldest and Green Ninjakoopa being the youngest could be a possible a reference to Mario and Luigi.