The Koopa Bank is a structure that appears on the boards in Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 3. The Koopa Bank appears as both a space and a building on the board, and is owned by Koopa. When a character passes the Koopa Bank space, the characters are forced to deposit five coins into the bank. The coins are then stored in the bank and the amount in the bank increases as the characters deposit more coins. However, if a character lands on the Koopa Bank space, they receive all the coins in the bank. In Mario Party 3, a rare item called the Koopa Swipe Card is introduced. If a character carries a Koopa Swipe Card, they can automatically steal all the coins from the bank at any time rather than landing on the space.

Koopa Bank Capsule

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The Koopa Bank appears in Mario Party 5 in the form of a capsule. The characters have the option of using the capsule on themself for a small fee or throw the capsule on the board and create a space similar to the Koopa Bank that appears in earlier installments.


  • On the board map Bowser Land that appears in Mario Party 2, there is a bank that is owned by one of Bowser's minions. The bank that appears on this board is the exact opposite of the Koopa Bank. When a character passes the bank space, Bowser's minion will loan them five coins. However, if the character lands on the bank space, the characters will be forced to pay the banks loan debt.


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