Koopa's Tycoon Town is a board in Mario Party 8 and is played similar to Monopoly, the board is similar to Windmillville in Mario Party 7. The player who has the most coins invested in a hotel becomes its owner and gets a star. Any player who increases their investment to the
Koopa's Tycoon Town Investment

Luigi investing in a hotel

most, steals the stars of the last player who owned it. If the total investment reaches twenty coins, the owner of the Hotel gets two stars and if the total investment is fifty coins, the owner gets three. This is true except for the two Lucky Space hotels which are 3-star hotels. Once someone has invested 100 coins in a hotel the other people cannot take the hotel. When a player lands on certain ? spaces, a Bandit comes and takes money from a random hotel and gives it to the player who landed on that space. Other ? spaces give the player coins from a construction site crane, or allow the player to throw a dart at a wheel to win coins. When stepped on DK Space, he will come to invest in a hotel for them. When stepped on Bowser Space, he will come and steal money from a random hotel.


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