Koopa's Tycoon Town is a board in Mario Party 8 and is similar to Windmillville in Mario Party 7. The player who has the most coins invested in a hotel becomes its owner and gets a star.


Any player who increases their investment to the

Luigi investing in a hotel

most, steals the stars of the last player who owned it. If the total investment reaches twenty coins, the owner of the Hotel gets two stars, and if the total investment is fifty coins, the owner gets three. Once someone has invested 100 coins in a hotel, the other people cannot take the hotel.

This board has a fixed and limited number of attainable stars. When all hotels are under ownership (counting the five regular hotels and the 3 star hotel is both of the Lucky Space areas), there are 21 stars.

As a special stipulation, there are no Duelo Candies hidden on this board. That is because it is due to the unorthodox method of collecting stars on the board. Players instead steal stars by hotel investment.

On Star Battle Arena, the player or the opponent wins by acquiring four stars (through hotel investments).

Special spaces

Lucky Space: This board has two Lucky Spaces. If the player lands on a lucky space, a Koopa in a blue car will appear. He will offer to drive the player to a special place with lots of money, and drives him to a hidden path. There, you can find several Blue Spaces with coins on them and a three-star hotel that you can claim for at least one coin. If the player lands on the Lucky Space near the first hotel, the Koopa will drive him to the hidden path on the top left of the board, and if the player lands on the lucky space near the hotel at the top right, he will drive him to the hidden path on the bottom right side of the board. Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Bandit are unable to affect these secret hotel. This is because these areas a safe place to invest one's coins and also guaranteeing stars by fully owning the hotels with 100-coin investments.

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Happening Space: There are a variety of things that happen on the different green spaces. The green space one space behind the starting area causes the Koopa with the blue car to offer you a ride to another hotel. He will drop you off one space before any hotel. There are two green spaces that involve Bandit stealing investments in a hotel from another player. He may steal around 30 coins in most cases, and give them to you. In front of and next to the crane on the right side of the board there are two green spaces. If you land on one of them, the Koopa steering the crane will drop 10 to 20 coins onto the player using his crane. Another green space lets the player throw a dart at the dart stand. A Koopa will give the player 10 coins if he/she lands the dart on the correct space of the dart wheel. If the player misses, he will offer 20 coins as the prize for the next player who successfully lands the dart.

DK Space: If the player lands on a DK Space, DK will show up in a yellow car with his emblem engraved on the side. He will visit any random bank and invest from 20 to 30 coins for the player. On Star Battle Arena, this is great for two stars and the player becomes half way through the board goal.

Bowser Space: When somebody lands on a Bowser space, Bowser doesn't necessarily harm the player who activated the Bowser Space. Instead, Bowser will steal any random player's investments in any bank. Often he will steal from 5 to 20 coins.


  • You can spot the crosswalks from where the player returns to the regular path after having visited either of the two lucky space areas. One at the top left, and one at the bottom right.
  • This is the only out of the six boards to include a lucky space leading to guaranteed three stars.
    • It is also the only board to have more than one Lucky Space.
  • The crane's shovel may reference the GameCube logo.
  • This is one of the two only boards to have Bowser not necessarily harm the player who landed on the Bowser Space, the other one being Shy Guy's Perplex Express.
  • This is the second of the two boards in the Mario Party series which has a fixed and limited number of attainable stars (the minimum at 11; the maximum at 21). The first board before it is Windmillville --from Mario Party 7-- (the minimum at 4; the maximum at 11).