Kooky Cookie is an item in Paper Mario.


Tayce T., a cook who lives in Toad Town will make this item for Mario when Mario gives her a select two items. One of these items must be a Cake Mix. The other item used to make this delicious yet strange cookie must be a Koopa Leaf, Maple Syrup, or Stinky Herb. When used, this item heals Mario's FP by 15 points, but it also gives him a special power. One of these various powers can be Electrification, Invisibility, or, unfortunately, sleepiness. This item is sold for 15 coins.

Since this is one of the two items that give Mario invisibility, this item is extremely helpful. Also, this item is much easier to get than Repel Gel too, so when in a deadly fight, like Kent C. Koopa, a Boss, Super Blooper, 3 Anti Guys in Bowser's Castle, Mario can use this. However, this item also gives Mario sleepiness on occasion so it is not really recommended.


First Ingredient + Second Ingredient
Cake Mix + Koopa Leaf
Cake Mix + Maple Syrup
Cake Mix + Strange Leaf


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