Kong Switch is a switch that appears in Donkey Kong 64.


Kong Switches are found all around levels in the game. All Kong Switches have faces with a specific Kongo on them and that Kong must press it using a Simian Slam.

Types of Switches

  • Green Switch: The first Kong Switch seen in the game and the most common in earlier levels. This type of switch can be hit with a simple Simian Slam.
  • Blue Switch: The second Kong Switch and these switches are not seen until the later level, Fungi Forest. After buying the potion containing the Super Simian Slam from Cranky's Lab, the Kongs can then hit the blue Kong Switches. The blue Kong Switches are also very common in Crystal Caves.
  • Red Switch: The third and final Kong Switch seen in the game and these types of switches isn't seen until the penultimate level, Creepy Castle. After learing the Super Duper Simian Slam from Cranky Kong, the Kongs can then press the red Kong Switches. These switches are only available in Creepy Castle.
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