Kolorado's Wife is a character that appears in Paper Mario. She is the wife of the explorer Kolorado who constantly goes out traveling without her knowing. She lives in Koopa Village with him and the other friendly Koopas.


Kolorado's Wife is a female Koopa Troopa who wears a small, pink hat. She also has a red shell and red boots.


Kolorado's Wife is an, overall, very nice Koopa and is very polite towards Mario. However, she is quick to show her temper especially whenever Kolorado leaves without telling her beforehand.


Kolorado's Wife can be always seen in her home. Kolorado doesn't play much of a big role in the game itself but she is needed for the first of Koopa Koot's favors which involves getting the Koopa Legends book back. Kolorado's Wife can be seen near the ending where she is telling Parakarry something. It later turns out that she was extremely angry at Kolorado for once again leaving without her notification and the husband quickly goes back to her side. They both can be seen during the parade where they both are riding on Whale.