Koichi Hayashida (林田 宏一, Hayashida Kōichi) is a Japanese video game developer and programmer who works at Nintendo EAD. He is one of the chief planners of a division known as Tokyo Software Development of Entertainment Analysis & Development. He is also a director and a level designer.


After his 1991 college graduation, Hayashida attended a programming seminar called "Nintendo Dentsu Game Seminar." It was here that he, along with Koichiro Eto, programmed and directed a game called Joy Mech Fight, which was published after Nintendo hired the two.

Hayashida's first project involving Mario was Super Mario Sunshine, where he maintained the position of lead programmer. He was eventually transferred over to the EAD Tokyo Software Development Department, where he worked as an assistant director for Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Later on, he directed the level designs for Super Mario Galaxy, and also did the voice acting for Major Burrows. He also directed the sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Super Mario 3D Land.

During Hayashida's time at EAD, the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake struck the country, inspiring him to finish up the game before its deadline, and to create a private forum to continue the developing the game while the Tokyo office was closed.

His latest Mario project was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for which he held the position of Original Game Supervisor.

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