Kleptoads are enemies exclusively appearing in Super Mario Galaxy 2. They are only seen in Hightail Falls Galaxy and are located on the secret planet, which a Hungry Luma creates after being fed with enough coins.


Super Mario Galaxy 2

When encountered, they will start hopping around their small planet. To get the mission's Power Star, the player must acquire five Silver Stars, which are carried by several Kleptoads. They can be defeated by jumping on them or being eaten by Yoshi, but once one is defeated, a new one will emerge from the ground again.


Kleptoads are anthropomorphic frogs with blue skin and tan on their belly marks. They also have white, vertically stretched eyes with black pupils. They wear white gloves & their feet have purple flippers.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning/Translation
English Kleptoad a mixture of "kleptomaniac" (a type of mental illness of stealing) & toad.
Japanese ニゲーロ (Nigero) The mixture of (逃げろ) nigero, the imperative form of ( 逃げる) nigeru, to escape, and gerogero (ゲロゲロ) is a japanese sound for frogs that croaks.
French Croapule a mixture of "Croa" (a french sound for frogs that croaks) & "Crapule: (Meaning Villain).
German Blunkel /
Italian Marrana a mixture of "Marrano" (a italian term for criminals) & "Rana" (meaning frog).