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Kingfin is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy. Also called the Bonefin, It dwells in the Bonefin Galaxy.


Kingfin is a giant skeletal shark-shaped like a Fishbone. He has glowing yellow eyes that can emit a bright glow, improving his ability to see in the dark.

In Super Mario Galaxy

Kingfin appears in Super Mario Galaxy. To beat the boss, Mario must toss Koopa Shells at Kingfin five times. After a single hit, Kingfin summons Fishbones that chase after Mario and explode on impact. These fishbones will immediately die outside his waters, as their bodies are held together by the water and collapse on land. Kingfin appears to be the ruler of the Fishbones.


Kingfin's name is a pun on the word kingpin, which is referred to the boss of a gang. It relates to Kingfin, the boss of the Fishbone.


  • Kingfin is the only boss to be in a secret galaxy with only one mission.
  • Kingfin makes an appearance in the Super Mario Manga Adventures. He appears in volume 40, having devoured the Mushroomers. The Mushroomers are freed from their prison, which Kingfin finds to his surprise.