King of the Thrill is a 2 vs. 2 player minigame in Mario Party 8. Though it bears different gameplay, its name was created from the term "King of the Hill".


All four players climb onto the rock platforms via blue and red ladders. When they reach the top, they face their opponent, the mini-game starts.


The game is split into a tournament style game play with each blue team member paired against a red team member. Each pairing fights until one of the two falls off the platform. When this happens, the rock will crumble and the winner of that match with jump onto a ladder and climb to the largest rock platform to wait for an opponent or a partner. If the player's partner reaches the top, the game will end with that team being the winner. If an opponent reaches the top platform, the two will duel until one player falls off the cliff. The winner of that match is declared the winner of the game.


King of the Thrill uses Mario Party 8''s standard combat controls as seen in Glacial Meltdown. The Wii Remote is held sideways with the sensor in the left hand.

  • Directional Pad - Move
  • 1 button - punch
  • 2 button - jump
  • 1+2 - kick