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King Olly, also known as the Origami King, is the main titular antagonist in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is the elder brother and the creator of Olivia, who opposes his agendae and is allying herself with Mario.


Physical description

Olly normally dons a purple clothing and a golden crown on his head, with his yellow hair bangs covering his left eye, the right eye keeps constantly glaring. Before unveiling himself to Mario, King Olly was disguised as a Folded Soldier.


Some time ago, Olly was created by the Origami Craftsman Toad, who wrote his well wishes for Olly to become a "fair and kind king". However, upon gaining self-consciousness, Olly misinterpretated the note, which was written on his paper, as gibberish and unfit for his status. He then grew a dark hatred for all Toads as he assumed that they are "all the same to" him, which subsequently consumed him with pure rage, spurring his twisted ideals to erase every Toad from existence and recreate the entire Mushroom Kingdom into his origami image, starting with creating with Not-Bottomless Holes, folding Peach, the 4 Vellumentals, and multiple Toads into origami objects as well as much of the Koopa Troop, the latter becoming the Folded Soldiers, not to mention sending his Legion of Stationary to create chaos and obstruct anyone who disrupts his plans. During the Origami Festival before Mario and Luigi arrived, he trapped Olivia, his younger sister whom he himself folded, in between the walls in the dungeons of Peach's Castle and kept the stapled Bowser nearby.

The Origami King

When Mario and Luigi arrived at Peach's Castle, Olly imprisoned Luigi in the same way as he did for Olivia. By the time Mario freed Olivia and Bowser and reached the top of the compound, Olly assumed royal control and abducting the castle with the five streamers, forcing the trio to flee while he lands on a nearby volcano. After Mario defeats Rubber Band, Olly attempts to reason with Olivia to join his side in Sweetpaper Valley. Once realising that she would not waiver her disgust at his atrocities, he dropped a large boulder and trapped her for a while, intending to kill her. This failed after Bobby finds his treasured friend's fuse in the Princess Peach and sacrificed himself in blowing up the rock and Mario used his hammer to revive Olivia. Later he sends a large Squadron to stop Bowser's Airship from reaching Peach's castle after disintegrating the final streamer, where a side flanker succeeded in crashing the vehicle into the volcano, though Bowser, Olivia and Mario manages to blast their way out.  

Later he ejects the trio out of the castle and folds it into Origami Castle, during which he appears thrice to stall their advancement, the final in which he unleashes the menancing Stapler onto them. 

After the threesome managed to reach his Throne Room, Olly reveals that he folded Peach again, this time into a lifeless mural of the castle, and is 1 crane short of completing the 1000-crane wish granting technique to erase all the Toads. He reveals the note on his body which made him so bent on doing all that he had done, highlighting that he will defeat Mario and use his corpse to form the final crane before engaging himself. After being defeated despite using the Vellumental powers he had obtained himself, Olly unfolds into a sumo wrestler and combats Bowser, similarly unfolded by Olivia. After being shoved off due to Mario's help, however, he morphs into a giant form of himself and messes up the Origami Craftsman's giant 1000 Fold Arms Magic Circle, threatening instant death with his materialising poison rising up. Upon its completion, the Origami King makes a last attempt to destroy the Circle, but fails in his attempts to do so, allowing Mario and Olivia(who herself morphs herself into a giant hammer) to finish him, snapping him out of his dark-self. The hammer blows however, left Olly mortally wounded and crumpled beyond repair. After imploring his sister to read the written wish exposed on his body and finally knowing the truth, Olly laments over his misunderstanding and regrets whatever he had done, and in his dying breath, requested her to fold his body into the final crane to undo his evil deeds. With his request done, Olly made peace with his sister and dies. She managed to fulfil his final wish with the help of the Craftsman and wishes every fold he made to be undone, restoring everything to normal(making her disappear in the process). In the aftermath, the Craftsman eventually made a replica of Olly's Origami Castle for the Origami Festival.[note 1]

In Paper Mario: The Origami King

King Olly is the titular antagonist of Paper Mario: The Origami King.


  1. If the player manages to complete the entire game and repeats the final battle, after the end-credits, the Craftsman recreates Olly and Olivia, and when the festival grounds are deserted, puts them onto the model, sitting together on the thrones side-by-side and smiling.

Names in other languages

  • Español: El Rey Olly, El Rey Origámius (Derived from his English name)
  • Portugués: O Rei Olly, O Rei Origámios
  • Italiano: Il Re Oli, O Re Origámius
  • Français: Le Roi Olly, Le Roi Origami


  • King Olly is one of the very few characters from the Mario franchise to outright die on-screen but gets revived.
  • King Olly is the first "unique" main antagonist of a Paper Mario game since Count Bleck in Super Paper Mario.
  • His goals to wipe out all Toads is often viewed as a direct "jab" by Nintendo to the fans that often complain that one of the main reasons that the Paper Mario series has been declining in quality is the over-usage of Toads as NPCs rather than other unique characters to balance them out.


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