The King Kut Out is the seventh and penultimate boss of the game Donkey Kong 64. It is a hastly put-together cardboard of King K. Rool that is fought at Creepy Castle. This boss is fought by all of the Kongs but only Lanky Kong can be used if necessary.


The battle with the King Kut Out consists of three rounds. After each round, the King Kut Out will learn new tricks an attempt to trick the Kongs. The King Kut Out's main method of attack is firing very quick lasers. However, during the second round, there will be a false King Kut Out and during the third round, the King Kut Out will move very quickly around the stage. To damage King Kut Out, the Kongs themselves are used as "ammo" to be fired from any of the four cannons into the King Kut out. It takes three hits to knock off a piece from the King Kut Out to go into the next round. The player much be careful as if they miss the King Kut Out with a Kong, they will permanently lose that Kong and will go onto the next one. If all five Kongs are used up, the battle is automatically lost.


The main key to winning this battle is timing and reflexes. The first round is easy as the King Kut Out only fires lasers and only the real one appears. During the second round, the King Kut Out will spawn a clone. The clone is darker in color than the real King Kut Out and the cannon will be flashing to show where the real one is. During the third round, it's best to stand right near any cannon and fire as soon the King Kut Out appears. If anyone is running low on melons, a Kreepa will constantly spawn after the second round making restoring health not an issue. There are also Puftups in the water but they do not pose much of a threat as long the Kongs don't swim near them. Defeating the King Kut Out results in the seventh Boss Key.


  • This is the first boss in the game that is fought by all five Kongs. The second will be the final boss King Krusha K. Rool.
  • The King Kut Out boss fight is the only one in the game where the Kongs can restore their heath during battle as they can defeat the Kreepas that spawn to restore health.
  • This boss fight also has more regular enemies in it than any other boss fight (with the Kreepas and the Puftups).