King Grambi, "Grams" by Queen Jaydes, is the grumpy, yet supporting, father of Luvbi, husband of Queen Jaydes, and king of the Overthere. He appears in Super Paper Mario.


When Mario escorts Luvbi to the Overthere from the Underwhere, the Overthere is found under siege by Skellobits, with a majority of the Nimbis, the inhabitants of the Overthere, and Grambi being trapped in ice. Grambi was confronted by Bonechill when Mario and co. arrived at his shrine.

After Mario defeats Count Bleck at Castle Bleck, and returns to the Overthere, the four heroes can go back to King Grambi's temple and can find him standing there with Queen Jaydes and Luvbi. It is unknown how Luvbi returned; it is believed that it happened when everything was returned to normal.