Super Mario RPG Statistics: King Calamari
King Calamari's artwork.
Location(s) Sunken Ship
Health Points (HP) 800
200/260 (tentacles)
Attack 100
Defense 80
Magic Attack 30
Magic Defense 40
Weaknesses Fire
Psychopath Message "The ship's MINE! SCRAM!"
Dropped Coins 100
Experience Points 34

King Calamari (タコつぼゲッソー?) is an enormous Blooper. He attacks Mario and his friends in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


King Calamari is fought in the Sunken Ship after Mario unlocks the cellar with the password he got after solving all the puzzles (which is Pearls). First, Mario and co. will fight three of his tentacles, then another three. Then the party will walk to Khim. He is fought along with a group of three tentacles. After Mario and co. defeat him, they will gain access to the cellar, where Jonathan, the shark creature and the Fifth Star Piece are found.


In battle, King Calamari has the habit of tossing away one of the party members for a number of turns making it a 2-on-1 battle. He can also use special moves like Ink Blast and the deadly Sand Storm to weaken the party. However, King Calamari is weak to fire, so, Mario's flame moves like Super Flame is helpful in this battle.

Special Moves

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