King Boo's Puzzle Attack is a Stage Boss Battle mini-game. In "Solo" mode, the mini-game is introduced by Bowser in Boo's Horror Castle.


This is a 3 in a row puzzle used to attack King Boo. The game introduces Green Shells, Red Shells, Fire Flowers, Ice Flowers and rarely, Lightnings. Swap an object to have 3, 4 or 5 in a row. They are worth differently,

  • ​3 in a row ​is worth +3 points.
  • 4 in a row​ is worth +4 points.
  • 5 in a row ​is worth +5 points.

As a bonus, 3 in a row lightnings are different from each other; they are worth +10 points and -3 points for your rivals.


​When King Boo rages, the candles turn from blue to red to express his anger; he also includes a Boo to distract the player's cursor; now the player has to try to get the Boo off.


Hold the Wii Remote ​horizontally.

  • +Control Pad - Move
  • Two Button - Select
  • Two Button +Control Pad - Swap
  • Shake Wii Remote - Ridding of the Boo