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King Bob-omb's Powderkeg Mine (also known as Gold Rush Mine) is a Super Mario Party board.


As its name implies, it is inhabited by King Bob-omb. The board takes place within an underground mining facility, with King Bob-omb standing in the center. A vein of gold is located at the left side of the board and can be interacted via Event Space, allowing the player (or CPU) to earn coins. If the player lands on an event space in the middle of the board, King Bob-omb’s counter go down by 1. If it goes down to 0, he’ll explode, and any players inside the court loses half of their coins.



Name Image Notes

Royal Explosion!

SMP KBPM Royal Explosion!.png The player that lands on an Event Space decreases by 1 during the countdown. Once it reaches to 0, King Bob-omb will explode. The players surrounding him will lose half of their coins. King Bob-omb reappears and the countdown restarts from 5.
Welcome to the Mine Cart! SMP KBPM Welcome to the Mine Cart!.png A Bob-omb allows the player to hop onto the Mine Cart and the player moves to the other side of the board.
Dig for Gold! SMP KBPM Dig for Gold!.png The player can mine up to three times. The player is asked if they want to mine coins, the player may get coins if they agree. The pickaxe unexpectedly breaks when the player mines again, the player cannot mine anymore coins if it happens.
Conveyor Belt Reversal! SMP KBPM Conveyor Belt Reversal!.png The conveyor belt swaps paths.
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