"In case you never notice, I have no arms or legs. So DO SOMETHING."
― Kersti

Kersti is a character that appears in the game Paper Mario: Sticker Star. She is one of the main characters of that game.


Kersti resembles a silver crown. She is very small with golden sparkles around her. She also has blue eyes.


Kersti is very feisty and aggressive and often asks Mario to act quickly. She also has shown a personal hatred for Kamek and Bowser.


Kersti is first seen after Mario pulls her off a sign in Decalburg. She explains to him that he must gather the six Royal Stickers in order to restore the Sticker Comet. Mario agrees to do so and they both embark on a quest. At the battle near the end of the game, Bowser has suddenly grown huge and he's too powerful and Kersti turned into a sticker which made Mario really powerful.

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Kersti, like Goombario, Goombella, and Tippi, has the ability to Tattle areas to give Mario helpful hints in order to do so. She also has a very unique ability call Paperize where she can turn regular stickers into otherworld items that can be used to clear certain puzzles. She also has an ability used in battle called the Battle Spinner where she can heal Mario and restore its Stickers.


  • Even though Kersti resembles a Pixl, she is classified as a "sticker fairy."
  • Kersti is Mario's only partner in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
  • In both areas where you lose Kersti, you can't save or return to the world map. This was probably made so you can't go to other places without Kersti.
  • Kersti resembles Rosalina's Crown in a way due to the fact that both are Silver and have turquoise Gems on both sides.
  • Kersti's name is an arrangement of the word "sticker" but with the letter C removed.
  • Kersti's personality is similar to Starlow's
  • With powerful stickers like the Infinijump, Clone Jump, Super Boot, and the Iron Jump it is possible to defeat Bowser without using Kersti at all, she will still be in the Album after battle and can be tossed just like any normal Sticker but however it is unknown how she would be used otherwise as the completion of the final battle isn't saved after the Credits and you cannot run from the battle either.
  • She says "y'know" a lot similar to Goombella.
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