Kero Sewers is a location that appears in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


Kero Sewers is a dark, sewer level where water is first introduced as a gameplay mechanic. Mario must deal with differing and changing water levels to navigate his way through the sewer.


After purchasing the Frog Pie, Mario decides to take Mallow back home to Tadpole Pond. However, they must navigate the dangerous Kero Sewers first. They run into many scary enemies like Boos and they eventually meet a giant dog-like monster named Belome. In battle, Belome eats Mallow and forces a one-on-one fight with Mario. Nevertheless, Mario frees Mallow and they defeat Belome only to find that he was resting on a switch. The switch opens a large metal gate and a huge flood of water washes Mario away and out of Kero Sewers and into Midas River.


  • The Cricket Jam can be found here. However, Mario must first go through Land's End before he can get to it.
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