Kent C. Koopa is an optional boss in Paper Mario.


He is a large Koopa Troopa with glasses and a red shell. He plays the part of a troll when attempting to traverse the road to Koopa Village, known as Pleasant Path. He appears only after the completion of Chapter 5. Mario needs to pay 100 coins to pass or defeat him in battle to be able to access the village or Toad Town, as he will charge those coming from either direction. One of the few known facts about him is that he used to live in Koopa Village. After the completion of chapter 7, Kolorado, who stays in Toad Town because of the appearance of Kent C. Koopa, makes his way to Koopa Village, so it's assumed to summed up the 100 coins to pay the toll.


Kent is one of the most difficult bosses in the game. He has an astonishing seventy hit points, as well as one of the highest defense values in the game. He has a small weakness of getting flipped onto his shell like a regular Koopa, but it takes multiple hits to his tail for that to happen. The battle with Kent is a long, tedious, and an annoying one, but is completely optional.


Even with his amazing stats, Kent C. Koopa actually has one major weakness that will make the battle with him extremely easy: Sleep. That means using either the Lullaby star move, a Sleepy Sheep, or the Sleep Stomp every time will keep Kent in a sleep for the rest of the battle. Also, a full power Watt is extremely helpful as well, as her move can pierce defenses.

Battle Statistics

Kent C. Koopa's Stats
Max HP 70
Attack 10
Defense 6
  • Stomp
  • Tail Smack
  • Spinning Shell Attack


  • Kent C. Koopa's name is a pun of "can't see", which describes why he wears glasses.