Keelhaul Galleria is an Item Shop that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Keelhaul Galleria is located on Keelhaul Key where it's being run by Thriff T., the brother of Plenn T.. Thriff T. mentioned before Chapter 5 that it was always his dream to open his own Item Shop. Despite being shipwrecked, Thriff T. was able to make his dream come true and opens up his Item Shop near the shore that he calls it Keehaul Galleria. This Item Shop sells rather useful items such as Ice Storms and Super Shrooms.


Image Item Price
Ice Storm Ice Storm 15 coins
FireFlowerTTYD Fire Flower 5 coins
Sleepy Sheep TTYD Sleepy Sheep 10 coins
Fright Mask Fright Mask 2 coins
Honey Syrup TTYD Honey Syrup 3 coins
Super Shroom Super Shroom 12 coins
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