Kasplats are muscular Kremlings that appear in Donkey Kong 64. They serve as the main muscle for the Kremling Krew as King K. Rool entrusted the blueprints to them for his blaster.


There are five types of Kasplats: yellow-haired, red-haired, purple-haired, blue-haired, and green-haired. Each Kasplat corresponds to the Kong with their color, with yellow for Donkey Kong, red for Diddy Kong, purple for Tiny Kong, blue for Lanky Kong, and green for Chunky Kong. After defeating a Kasplat of the certain color earns the Kong a blueprint.

However, defeating a Kasplat proves a bit of a challenge. They are very durable and can take a lot of hits before going down. A Kasplat's signature technique is generating shockwaves that have great range. The best way to take one down is to either shoot one from a distance or use a shockwave attack of their own.

Kasplats are very common in the game, as they appear in every stage including DK Isles. However, they do not appear in Hideout Helm. They are often hidden or are out in plain sight.


  • After a Kasplat has been defeated and its blueprint has been retrieved, when one respawns, its hair color is now white, but will still generate the color shockwave.
  • Kasplats are one of the strongest enemies in the game next to the Koshas.
  • Kasplats are often confused with Krushas.
  • During a cutscene before entering Creepy Castle, a purple-haired Kasplat apparently quit from the Kremling Krew, as he was running from King K. Rool. However, before the Kasplat could escape, he was stopped by a significantly giant purple Klaptrap.


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