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Kamek's Tantalizing Tower (カメックのゴージャスタワー Kamek's Gorgeous Tower?) is an unlockable board in Super Mario Party. The board takes atop a golden tower within a city, with a Kamek-themed roulette at the top. This roulette activates every time a player lands on its event space or collects a star, randomizing the cost of the next star. 



Name Image Notes
Unnamed Star event SMP Unnamed Star event.png The player that lands on an Event Space will result the Kamek statue changing the price of Stars.
Watch out for the Chain Chomp! SMP KBPM Watch out for the Chain Chomp!.png The cage will open allowing the Chain Chomp to hit the player that landed on the Event Space. The player will lose a random amount of coins.
Toady Liiiiiiift! SMP Toady Liiiiiiift!.png The Toadies will lift the player to the Blue Space after the first Red Space.
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