Ka-Bloom!is a boss that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise. It is a giant, flower monster that serves as the boss of Ancient Waterworks that ate the piece of the Wishstone. Ka-Bloom! can be fought once Wario drains the waterfall.


At the start of the fight, Ka-Bloom!'s petals will be blue in color and there will be four orbs that are surrounding it. Wario as Cosmic Wario must shoot the orbs and then have the lasers bounce into Ka-Bloom! damaging it. Wario must be careful as damaging Ka-Bloom! will cause it to release Seed Weeds and thorns. After hitting it four times this way, Ka-Bloom!'s petals will turn red and Wario will be able to hurt it with Dragon Wario's fire breath. After a certain amount of hits, Ka-Bloom! will retreat to the top of the arena. Wario must chase it down by transforming into Arty Wario and dropping one of his blocks on the seesaw to launch himself upwards to the giant flower monster. Wario can then use Dragon Wario's fire breath to finally take a heart off it's health.

After Ka-Bloom! is damaged this way, it will close itself up and fly away back toward the ground. At this point in the fight, Wario can keep damaging it with Dragon Wario and repeat the process of going after it using Arty Wario. After damaging it two more times, Ka-Bloom! will be defeated and Wario can claim the next Wishstone piece for himself.

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