KP Koopas
KP Koopas.png
The KP Koopas before battle.
Members 2 KP Koopas (one of them being King K, the leader), 1 KP Paratroopa
Ranking 18
Special Notes Temporary replaced by the Wings of Night team.
Games Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

The KP Koopas (コウラーズ?) (also known as the Shell Machines of Doom (カチカチコウラマシーン?)) is a team of the Glitz Pit in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


The KP Koopas consists of two KP Koopas and one KP Paratroopa. Their leader is KP Pete who also goes by his in-ring name, King K. King K is very good friends with Mario and hopes for a good battle when they fight. The KP Koopas place 18th in the Glitz Pit making them one of the weaker teams. The KP Koopas are known for their losing steak which ended up with King K considering retirement. However, at one point, King K went missing and the KP Koopas were temporary disbanded. The KP Koopas were replaced by the Wings of Night team lead by the newcomer, Sir Swoop. It was later revealed that King K (along with Bandy Andy) was captured by Grubba and has his life energy drained barely able to talk with Mario. Later, after Grubba has been defeated, King K decided not to retire anymore and reformed the KP Koopas taking back their 18th spot. The Wings of Night are not seen again after this.