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Junker X is the Class 5 boss for Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story's Gauntlet.

The Fight

Junker X behaves like his normal counterpart, but he has much more HP, is stronger, and faster.


Junker Can Summon: Occasionally, Junker Can X's will hop into the fray.

Trash Ball: Junker X will throw a small ball of trash, then he'll throw a bigger ball of trash,then charges. You must jump on the balls of trash in order to dodge it. Junker X can be jumped on while charging.

Junker Sacrifice: A Junker Can X will hop into Junker X's outstretched arms and it will drop one of 4 things

  • A Cheep Cheep, which will hop over a Bro. Jumping will just get you hurt.
  • A Scutlet, which will scuttle as soon as it drops.
  • A Bomb-Omb, which will light its fuse,and then it'll charge. This attack can hurt badly if not dodged.
  • Briefs or a wad of paper, which it'll do absolutely nothing.

Thwomp Throw: Junker X will stomp the ground,which a Junker X will fall on top of a Bro, obstructing its view. The Bro will walk side-to-side and Junker X will throw Thwomps up in the air. You must judge where the Thwomp will land and if you jump,the Bro will stop moving until he lands back down. This will do a lot of damage if not dodged.

Luigi Kidnapping: Junker X will take Luigi and will toss him in a Junker Can X. Sometimes, he will miss, but its not very likely he will (if you die while Luigi is still in a Junker Can X, he will die too, causing an instant loss).


  • The trophy for Class 5 is a Junker Can X rather than Junker itself.