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Junker is a boss that appears in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and the 3DS remake. It was created by Midbus to defeat Mario and Luigi, but was killed not long after.


Physical description

Junker resembles a pink trash can. He has golden eyes. His arms are similar to vacuums. His X counterpart gives him a blue body and his eyes a pink coloration, but in both forms, he has brown feet.


Junker appears as a boss in Peach's Castle Gardens.

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Whenever he starts his next turn, the Junker calls forth some Junker Cans. These monsters are sentient cyan trash can-like monsters that have golden eyes, though in The Gauntlet, their body turns brown and their eyes pink. Junker himself has the following moves:

  • First, Junker can blind a Mario brother by stomping the ground, knocking a trash can onto him. Junker will then try to crush him with Thwomps pulled from inside his "mouth", though that Bro. can stop his movement by jumping; he must use that to avoid getting brained for massive damage.
  • Second, Junker will pick a Junker Can up and shake it, causing all sorts of objects to fly out. The Cheep Cheeps and Poison Mushrooms have to be dodged by ducking (no input required), boxers do not deal damage to the Bros., and the rest must be avoided by jumping. Any Bob-ombs must be avoided entirely.
  • Third, Junker will throw some balls toward the Bros, who must mount them. After two, Junker will get mad and charge, though the target can avoid this by jumping over him.
  • Junker can also incapacitate Luigi by sucking him up with his vacuum arms and trapping him in a Junker Can. This always hits but Luigi may sometimes catch the rim to make his getaway quickly, but if he fails, Luigi will be trapped, so Mario will have to free him.

On the initiative count of 75 (113 with the Challenge Medal; The Gauntlet bumps this count up to 152 (228 with the Challenge Medal).), the Junker Cans will charge, though this can be blocked with a hammer. Killing a Junker Can will force the Bro. who was responsible to block a Chain Chomp, a Fish Bone, or a Nooz, which can all be blocked with the hammer and have only one hit point.

Junker is a level 26 monster that has 1,445 hit points (2,168 with the Challenge Medal), 120 power (300 with the Challenge Medal), 89 defense (134 with the Challenge Medal), 48 speed (72 with the Challenge Medal). He gives 6,000 experience and drops 900 coins (1,350 with the Challenge Medal) and a Max Nut and Special Gloves upon defeat. He is immune to being stunned, the KO effect, and the burn effect, but can still suffer Stat Downs. His X form has 3080 hit points (4620 with the Challenge Medal), 179 Power (448 with the Challenge Medal), 129 Defense (194 with the Challenge Medal), and 123 Speed (185 with the Challenge Medal) and drops 9000 coins upon being beaten the first time as well as the Challenge Medal.


Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
MLBISJunker.gif LVL 26 HP 1,445 POW 120 DEF 89 SPEED 48
EXP 6,000 COINS 900 Fire Normal Burn? Immune Dizzy? Immune
Stat Down? Normal KO? Immune Opponents Mario, Luigi
Item drop Location(s)
Max Nut - 100%
Special Gloves - 50%
Peach's Castle Garden
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey
MLBISBJJJunker.png LVL 24 HP 1680 POW 132 DEF 118 SPEED 48
EXP 6000 COINS 900 Fire Normal Burn? Immune Dizzy? Immune
Jump Normal Hammer Normal Stat down 1x Speed down 1x Opponents Mario, Luigi
Item drop Location(s)
•None - 0%
Special Gloves - 100%
Peach's Castle Garden