Jungle of the Giants, or Soda Jungle-1, is the first main level of Soda Jungle in New Super Mario Bros. U. It is unlocked via completion of The Mighty Cannonship, Blooper's Secret Lair, or Piranha Plants on Ice and its own completion opens the path to a red Toad House, Bridge over Poisoned Waters, and Bramball Woods.


The level begins with a Goomba on a structure of Mega Blocks, with a Mega ? Block containing a power-up above it. A row of Hefty Goombas is then found, along with two Gargantua Koopa Troopas. A ? Block containing a power-up is blocked by Brick Block, which can be destroyed with a Gargantua Koopa Troopa's shell. More Grand Goombas, a Gargantua Koopa Troopa, a Goomba, and a Piranhacus Giganticus in a Warp Pipe follow. More Gargantua Koopa Troopas and a Grand Goomba are found near a row of Mega Blocks and a Mega ? Block. A portion of the ground with Hefty Goombas, Grand Goombas, Gargantua Koopa Troopas, and Goombas is found, with passages that can be accessed with a Gargantua Koopa Troopa's shell. Another structure of Mega Blocks is found, with Warp Pipes act as platforms. The Checkpoint Flag is found, along with more Warp Pipes with Gargantua Koopa Troopas and Piranhacus Giganticus on them. Another structure of Brick Blocks follows. More Grand Goombas, a Piranhacus Giganticus, and a Gargantua Koopa Troopa are located before a section of Mega Blocks leading to the Goal Pole.

Star Coins

  • Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is found in a path under the main part of the level. The player needs to use one of the Gargantua Koopa Troopa's shells to clear a path to the coin, as groups of Brick Blocks are in the way.
  • Star Coin 2: The second Star Coin is in a Warp Pipe a short way past the Checkpoint Flag. The room contains a P Switch that clears a row of Brick Blocks out of the way, allowing the player to Wall Jump to the Star Coin. Peachette can also be used to reach it.
  • Star Coin 3: The third Star Coin is found next to the Goal Pole, reachable from a nearby Mega Block.