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Jungle Rapids is the second level of World 5 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Jungle Rapids takes place mainly on the river with grass on the sides.


Mario exits from Shy Guy Jungle and finds his way toward a river in the forest. Mario gets on the raft and begins his ride. Mario can move the raft at his will while avoiding obstacles including rocks, Fishbones, and, of course, Spear Guys. Mario must be careful not to take five hits or his raft will be fully destroyed resulting him in a Game Over. He finally reaches the end noticing Spear Guys surrounding the Comet Piece. Mario evades them and grabs the Piece finishing this short level.


  • Jump
  • Flashy Cone Jump

Thing Stickers

  • Rubber Ducky


Once more the Travelling Toad is being bullied, this time by Spear Guys in this level. Mario has the choice to battle them or leave him. If Mario defeats the Spear Guys, the Toad will head back to Decalburg (if Mario has already found the Toad four times in the other worlds). If Mario goes back to Decalburg and takes to the same Toad again, he will give Mario an HP-Up Heart.