Jungle Japes is the first stage of the game Donkey Kong 64. It can be accessed with only one Golden Banana and the most used Kong here is Donkey Kong. This is where Donkey Kong rescues Diddy Kong, so that he may be a playable character. The boss of this world is Army Dillo.


  • Tunnel: This tunnel can first be unlocked by having Donkey Kong Simian Slam a switch. This tunnel, at first, only serves the purpose of getting to the main area of Jungle Japes until the Bananaport 1 is activated. Once Diddy Kong obtains his Peanut Popguns, he can unlock the cage in here.
  • Caves: There are several caves in Jungle Japes that Donkey Kong can unlock (which actually is needed to get Diddy). One leads to the forest area while the other two lead to Cranky's area.
  • Forest Area: This area is located on the far west side of Jungle Japes. It can only be accessed once Tiny Kong is unlocked and she obtains her Feather Bow. This area is fairly large and Tiny and Chunky Kong can obtain some Golden Bananas in this area.
  • Raining Area: This area is located deep within the caves from either the one near Bananaport 4 or Bananaport 3. This is where Cranky's Lab is located and also where Donkey Kong can transform into Rambi in.
  • Mine Pillar: The Mine Pillar is a fairly large structure that is located right near Snide's HQ. Since the pathway can only be opened with Diddy's Peanut Popguns, only Diddy can enter into the Mine Pillar. The interior of the Mine Pillar is very industrial and Diddy can play a mine-cart mini-game near the end. Bananaport 5 is also located at the very top.
  • Underground Cavern: A large cavern that is located underground. This cavern features a rather long and narrow path that leads to a creepy monkey face. Only Chunky can get into the Underground Cavern, as his weight is strong enough to break its rocky surface. There is a Golden Banana and a Kasplat for him inside here.

Character Locations

  • Cranky's Lab: Cranky's Lab is located in the Raining Area. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must visit Cranky in order to get their Barrel Blast and Chimpy Charge abilities.
  • Funky's Armory: Funky's Armory is located midway up in the main area.
  • Snide's HQ: Snide's HQ is located right above Funky's Armory. The player must climb upwards or use Bananaport 2 to get up there.

Other Information

Bananaport Locations

  • Bananaport 1: One of the Bananaport 1 pads is locate right in the beginning of the stage. The second one is located at the end of the tunnel leading to the main area.
  • Bananaport 2: A Bananaport 2 pad can be found right near the Bananaport 1 pad at the end of the tunnel. The second Bananaport 2 pad can be found right near the Mine Pillar.
  • Bananaport 3: A Bananaport 3 pad is close to the cave that leads to the Forest Area. The other Bananaport 3 pad is located near the other cave that is closest to the exit of the mines.
  • Bananaport 4: A Bananaport 4 pad is located right at the cave across the water. The other Bananaport 4 pad is located right in front of Cranky's Lab in the raining area.
  • Bananaport 5: A Bananaport 5 pad is located in the entrance of the forest area. The second one is located right at the very top of the Mine Pillar that only Diddy can make appear.



Golden Bananas

Donkey Kong

  1. The first Golden Banana is located right in front of Diddy's cage. Donkey Kong simply needs to pick it up. Note that picking up the Golden Banana also reveals three coconut switches around the level. This is needed to unlock Diddy.
  2. Donkey Kong's second Golden Banana can be obtained by freeing Diddy Kong from his cage. Donkey Kong must get his Coconut Shooter from Funky and then shoot the three Coconut Switches around in Jungle Japes to free Diddy. Diddy is now usable in levels.
  3. In the cave leading to the Forest Area, there is a Kasplat for Donkey Kong in here. This is the first Kasplat seen in the game and it is much tougher than other Kremlings. It is recommended for Donkey Kong to take it out from a distance using his Coconut Shooter and take it's blueprint to Snide for a Golden Banana.
  4. In the raining area, Donkey Kong must transform into a Rambi (by blasting the coconut switch behind Cranky's Lab). Donkey Kong as Rambi must then smash the huts around and reveal one with his switch. Donkey Kong must then Simian Slam it and a Golden Banana will appear near the entrance of the tunnel right between Bananaports 1 and 2. Donkey Kong can then use Bananaport 4 to quickly get back to the main area and swin across to claim his Golden Banana. Note: While Donkey Kong is in the raining area and he has three coins, he should visit Cranky Kong to get the Barrel Blast ability. This is a helpful ability that is needed to get the last Golden Banana.
  5. After getting the Barrel Blast ability, Donkey Kong can find his pad near Bananaport 3 and blast to the skies. Donkey Kong must then blast his way around until he reaches the Golden Banana at the end.

Diddy Kong

  1. Right in the tunnel near Bananaport 3, Diddy's Kasplat can be found in here. It is recommended to take it out from long range with the Peanut Popguns and take it's blueprint to Snide for a Golden Banana.
  2. In the raining area, there is a Diddy switch that should be revealed after Donkey Kong as Rambi has destroyed the hut covering it. Diddy must Simian Slam the switch and he has 50 seconds to get to it right beside Funky's Armory. Taking Bananaport 4 and quickly swimming and climbing up the vine earns this Golden Banana for Diddy.
  3. Diddy must head into the Mine Pillar and shoot his peanut switch to open a pathway leading up to the entrance. Diddy must then hit another peanut switch inside and carefully and quickly walk across a narrow beam before the time ends to end up near a switch. After Simian Slamming the switch, the Golden Banana will appear at the top of the Mine Pillar. Diddy must head out and claim his Golden Banana. Note that doing this also reveals a Bananaport 5 pad. This is needed for later.
  4. Before heading further, make sure Diddy has learned the Chimpy Charge from Cranky first. Back in the Mine Pillar, Diddy must head further in. Diddy will eventually be in a room leading to a switch. Diddy must Chimpy Charge the switch to make the conveyor belts move slower and the gate at the upside down mine cart to open. After heading inside, Diddy must complete his mine cart race to get the Golden Banana.
  5. Back in the first tunnel, Diddy must open the gate using his Peanut Popguns. The Golden Banana (along with some medals and bananas) is simply in reach. Note that Diddy unlocking this room also aids in Tiny and Lanky in getting some Golden Bananas as well.

Tiny Kong

  1. In the tunnel near the Bananaport 3 pad close to Funky's Armory, there is a Kasplat in here for Tiny. Defeating the Kasplat and taking it's blueprint to Snide will result in a Golden Banana for Tiny.
  2. In the raining area, there is a Tiny Switch here (after Donkey Kong as Rambai has already smashed through it). After Simian Slamming the Tiny switch, a Golden Banana will appear in a nearby cave close to the Bananaport 4 pad. Tiny only has 30 seconds to get to the cave to claim her Golden Banana.
  3. Tiny, using her Feather Bow, must get into the Forest Area and turn small. She must use a mushroom to jump onto the nearby stump and get the Golden Banana inside.
  4. Tiny must go Mini Monkey again and, this time, head inside the shell. Inside, there are several enemies including large Zingers and Purple Klaptraps. Purple Klaptraps are much more tougher than the regular Klaptraps and they can only be taken out with oranges, the musical instrument, or the shockwave attack. Tiny must press both switches to open a gate with the Golden Banana in it. Tiny must work her way up to get it.
  5. Back in the tunnel, Tiny must head into the room after Diddy has unlocked it. Tiny must shoot her feather switch and complete the mini-game Splish-Splash Salvage to get her Golden Banana.

Lanky Kong

  1. Inside of the caves near the raining area, Lanky must head left of the Beavers and take down the Kasplat. Taking it's blueprint to Snide results in a Golden Banana.
  2. In the raining area, Lanky must press his switch to unlock a Golden Banana near the cannon that lead up to Diddy's cage. Lanky must then make it to the Golden Banana to receive it.
  3. Before going any further, Lanky should get the OrangStand ability from Cranky. Near Lanky's Kasplat, Lanky must OrangStand up a steep slope and get into a Banana Barrel. Lanky must then play and complete the mini-game Speedy Swing Sortie to earn his Golden Banana.
  4. In the main area of Jungle Japes to the far east side, there is a cage that must be unlocked with Diddy first. After it is opened, Lanky can use his OrangStand ability to move up the slope and into a small room. After pounding down two pegs, a horde of Zingers will appear. Lanky must defeat all of the Zingers to earn his Golden Banana. Note that a Banana Fairy appears as soon Lanky picks up the Golden Banana. Make sure to take it's picture.
  5. In the tunnel after Diddy has unlocked it, Lanky can unlock one of the cages in there to reveal a Banana Barrel. After completing the mini-game Mad Maze Maul, Lanky is rewarded with a Golden Banana.

Chunky Kong

  1. In the main area close-by to the cave that leads to the forest area, there is a boulder on top of a platform marked with an "X". Chunky can simply toss the boulder and destroy it revealing a Golden Banana inside.
  2. On the "X" platform, Chunky must Simian Slam it to break up and end up in an underground cavern. Chunky must make it to the monkey-Dracula object and shoot the eyes to make vines appear. The left set of vines leads to the Golden Banana.
  3. In the same area, Chunky must swing over to his Kasplat on the right vines to get to it. Chunky must defeat it and take it's blueprint to Snide for a Golden Banana.
  4. Near Cranky's Lab in the raining area, there is a Chunky switch that can be pressed. After pressing it, the Golden Banana beside Snide's HQ will open but Chunky has only 50 seconds to make it there. Chunky can quickly get there by taking Bananaport 4 out of the raining area, swim across the water and use Bananaport 2 to end up in the higher area with Snide and the Golden Banana.
  5. Chunky will need to have learned the Hunky Chunky technique for this one. In the forest area, Chunky simply has to go Hunky Chunky and jump into the large Banana Barrel. This contains the mini-game Mine Cart Mayhem, in which, completing it results in a Golden Banana.



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