Juice Box is an unlockable 2-vs-2 minigame in Super Mario Party that is hosted by Toadette.


Players run and appear on the screen in a plains setting. The camera zooms closer to the screen.


There are three rounds. Players must examine the two-by-two array of fruits and choose it from the six-by-five array of fruits. The team that joins the correct array wins the first round, it also shows the other correct array. Neither of the teams win the round if neither of them align the correct array. The team that wins three rounds wins the minigame.


The camera zooms out and the winning team does their victory animation while the losing team does their losing animation.


  • NS Stick – Move frame
  • NS JC Right Button – Select
  • NS JC Bottom Button – Cancel

In-game description

  • "Work together to bracket the pattern shown in the example!"
  • "There are always two correct answers to find!"


The name of this minigame is a literal interpretation of the word "Juice box", a small package of juice that is comsumed with a straw.

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