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Joke's End is one of the map locations in the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.


It is an island reached by Mario late in the game by using Luigi as a surfboard to traverse the large north-eastern ocean. The island contains an eerie blue tower where Mario and Luigi must travel through multiple levels of complex traps and puzzles, and increasingly challenging (and surreal) enemies, while being coaxed on by a mysterious floating woman named Jojora who appears to be a magician of some kind.


  • The name of this area actually will mark the end of the theming for the locations of the Beanbean Kingdom. As every other major area is named after a form of laugh, Joke's End is the only one that isn't. This is fitting considering Joke's End is the last major location explored in the game (not counting Bowser's Castle as it was only flown and not actually part of the Beanbean Kingdom).