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Jellyfish from Yoshi's Story

Jellyfish are a species of underwater creatures that have appeared in Yoshi's Story and Super Mario Galaxy series.

Yoshi's Story

They only appear in the level Lots O'Jellyfish! as an enemy.

Mario & Wario

Mario and Wario use one of these creatures in a level.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

They appear as enemies but resemble real-life ones.

Super Mario Galaxy series

If you get too close to a Jellyfish and touch it, it will shock you. You can defeat these enemies by throwing a shell at them or spinning into them. Starbits will only make them bounce a little, showing that the small attack doesn't hurt them. There are larger variants called Jammyfish which are electric and have no faces and can only be defeated by Shells.

A jellyfish as it appears in Super Mario Galaxy.

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