Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils The 12th, also called the Colored Pencils or the Missile Maestro, is a member of the Legion of Stationery who guards the end of the red-colored streamer. They are bosses in Paper Mario: The Origami King

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Physical Apperance

The Colored Pencils resembles a crimson colored pencils case. They have King Olly's seal on their back. Twelve colored pencils lay in their mouth that they call their "Art-Senal".


Jean-Pierre is a member of the Legion of Stationery. When King Olly took over royal control by abducting the Princess Peach's Castle with the five streamers, Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils The 12th was tasked to take care after the red streamer at the Overlook Tower.

When Paper Mario and Olivia enters the tower elevator, Jean-Pierre launches their pencils which attack, piercing through the elevator walls. Mario hammers the pencils out, dropping the elevator to the ground.

Paper Mario eventually reaches the red streamer, but before he can destroy it, he needs to face the Colored Pencils first.

Upon defeat, Jean-Pierre groans that Paper Mario was better in a sidescroller, before their body bursts.


Phase 1

During their first phase, Jean-Pierre launches their pencils into the sky to protect themself as Paper Mario approaches him. Paper Mario has to get behind so he can use his 1,000-Fold Arms technique to close the boss's lid, causing Jean-Pierre to burn the inside of their mouth (which damages them) with their own pencils. After that, they will be stunned for one turn, but will retaliate on the following turn by biting Paper Mario.

Phase 2

After they lose half their health, the Colored Pencils enters the second phase and uses the Rainbow Roll. Their main attack during this phase is shooting pencils three at a time for six damage, though each one can be blocked. During this phase, Paper Mario has to grab the pencils and jam them into the boss's mouth and then finish them off that way.

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