Jade Jungle is a location and Raphael the Raven's homeland in the Nintendo 64 game Paper Mario. This location can be found on Lavalava Island. This place has Hurt Plants and Heart Plants, both being types of exotic plants.


Mario and his friends venture into Jade Jungle to find Raphael the Raven to request for his help for getting into Mt. Lavalava. This can be done once Mario saves The Fearsome Five and the Yoshi Chief gives Mario the Jade Raven. The Jade Raven is then placed in a stone pillar deep within Jade Jungle revealing a pathway that leads even deeper into the jungle. After battling though some enemies, Mario and his friends arrive at Raphael the Raven's house which is an extremely large tree. Mario successfully climbs up and meets up with Raphael and the large Raven happily agrees to help out. They all head back where Raphael has the Ravens build a traveling system that leads into Mt. Lavalava. Kolorado heads on while Mario and company follow behind.




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