Jack O' Goombas are Goombas with pumpkins covering their heads.

Super Mario Galaxy

They are usually found in the Ghostly Galaxy, wandering around the planets. They can be killed on two ways: with a single ground pound, or instead knock of their pumpkin helmets, and then attack them without their helmets on.

They can attack Mario in two different ways. The Pumpkin Goombas can attack Mario by ramming into him, but they can also poop small fireballs that will damage Mario if he walks into them.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

There latest appearance was on the game Super Mario Galaxy 2 where they are killed the same way as on Super Mario Galaxy. They are found in Haunty Halls Galaxy, Clockwork Ruins Galaxy and similar galaxies.


  • "Jack O' Goomba" is a pun of "Jack O' Lantern".