Itty Bits is a very small item shop that appears in Super Paper Mario.


As stated above, Itty Bits is a tiny item shop that is found throughout levels in the game. In order to enter an Itty Bits shop, the player must have gotten Dottie from Chapter 5-4 and use her ability to shrink down to enter the building. Itty Bits stores can be found in Flipside, Flopside, Dotwood Tree, Downtown of Crag, and The Overthere. Each store sells different items.



Image Item Price
Cake Mix SPM Cake Mix 25 coins
Big Egg Big Egg 25 coins
Honey Jar Honey Jar 20 coins


Image Item Price
FreshPastaBunch SPM Fresh Pasta Bunch 30 coins
PowerSteak SPM Power Steak 35 coins
Smelly Herb Smelly Herb 15 coins

Dotwood Tree

Image Item Price
PeachyPeach SPM Peachy Peach 25 coins
FreshVeggie SPM Fresh Veggie 20 coins
Horsetail SPM Horsetail 18 coins

Downtown of Crag

Image Item Price
Keel Mango SPM Keel Mango 20 coins
Mild Cocoa Bean Mild Cocoa Bean 20 coins

The Overthere

Image Item Price
HotDog SPM Hot Dog 120 coins
HotSauce SPM Hot Sauce 20 coins
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