Not to be confused with Candy Shop.

Item Shops are structures that can be found on the boards in most Mario Party games. The Item Shops debut in Mario Party 2 with the introduction of items to the series. The general premise of the Item Shops have remained relatively the same across the series. The shop is hosted by different characters that can be found in other Mario series games. The characters are able to purchase items from the Item Shop in exchange for coins. The items available at the item shop depend on the ranking of the character. Characters that are in lower rankings might be able to purchase rare items like the Boo Bell and the Magic Lamp. The price of the items may also depend on the ranking of the character or number of turns remaining. A character will not be able to purchase an item if they already are already carrying the item capacity, don't have the correct amount of coins, or are currently playing the last turn on the board.

The Item Shop was replaced by the Capsule Machine in Mario Party 5, although the Capsule Machine is similar to the Item Shop in a number of ways. The Orb Shops that appear in Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7 are similar to the Item Shops in the earlier installments of the series. However, the Orb Shops only sell up to three different orbs. The Candy Shop that appears in Mario Party 8 is similar to the Item Shop as well.

Item Shops also appear in the Paper Mario series where Mario can buy items such has Honey Syrups and Tasty Tonics. Item Shops in these games are also usually found near Inns in towns. In Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Item Shops are replaced with Sticker Shops. They also appear in the Mario & Luigi series where Mario and Luigi can also buy Gear items such as overalls and gloves. They can also buy Bros. Items which is only featured in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The purpose of the Item Shops is the same for the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.



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