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"A Rare Hat Acquired in Culmina Crater, Easy to Lose in the Closet."
― Wardrobe Info - Super Mario Odyssey

The Invisible Hat is a Hat in Super Mario Odyssey found on the Darker Side after collecting the Multi Moon: A Long Journey's End. It’s one of the rarest and most hard to get hats in the game. It is also a Power-up in Super Mario 64.


Super Mario Odyssey

As the name suggests, ìt is invisible, making Mario and Cappy invisible when worn.

Super Mario 64

The Invisible Hat (or the Invisible Cap in Super Mario 64) is actually slightly transparent in Mario 64, and makes Mario slightly transparent when worn; allowing him to evade enemies and certain hazards.


  • If you walk up to any NPC whilst wearing the Invisible Hat in Super Mario Odyssey, all they'll say is "???"
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